Hey hey people. I’m Chelsea. Age, 25. Sign, Leo. I’m over the top, get used to it. I’m a little bit of everything. I’d describe myself but, the description changes everyday. A few simple things that I can say are: I’m a runner, a makeup artist, a Christian, and a sister. Those are a few good labels that I can accept being called.

I enjoy: running, makeup, fall leaves, reading, my sisters, trivia and useless knowledge, overdosing on coffee, the kids.

I am currently a student in an elementary education program with minors in science and math. My dream is to teach in Portland, Oregon in a low income school.Inner city kids own my heart. I have many loves but, troubled kids are my passion.

I am not a healthy person. I am working on it. This blog is me being me. Everyday i’m a new person and striving to become something different and better. The quote that I live by is “It’s never too late to be what you could have been”. The world tries to tell you what and who to be, I choose to be what I could have been.


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