Today, I was….

A hoop dancer deluxe. I hula hooped for two and a half hours. I would have gone for longer but the bruises on my hand and forearms are now unbearable to hoop on for any longer.

I am not a natural hooper, but my dance background is making this new venture a not impossible task. I like hand hooping the best. My friend M introduced hooping to me, she is more of an acrobatic hooper. Her friend C is all about hooping around the body. The three of us together have been practicing in C’s basement. Next week, we will be renting out a dance studio for 25 bucks. We need the high ceiling and mirrors.

These two women are messed up with food as well. M is just kind of disordered. C could actually be diagnosed with an ED. She’s purged for so long, that even when she wants to eat, it doesn’t always stay down. We’ve been starting our practice sessions with food check-ups. M gets the truth out of us everytime. I am still undecided on how healthy it is for us to discuss our disorders with each other. It’s on the borderline where it could be beneficial and therapeutic or it could start turning into an unspoken “club” where it is acceptable to act out our eating disorders.

I don’t know.

But, the hooping is a blast. Here is the video that inspired me. (and this ain’t nothing compared to some other girls)

Note to self: wear long sleeve shirt to field work tomorrow to avoid looking like abuse victim. I’ll try to get pictures of my arms posted tomorrow.


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