I feel kind of, ehh, today…

My sister just moved out this evening. Boo.  Not much to say on that topic. It sucks when your soul mate no longer lives with you.

Sissy and I on Thanksgiving Eve last year. My fave photo of us.

Next, my classes are sucky again this semester. I can only take one in my city and I have to make the effin’ long commute to take my other two. Plus, field work is all the way out there, too. It’s going to be another exhausting semester.

I am having some issues with wanting to lose weight the past two days. I want to lose so freakin badly. I think it’s because the weather has prevented me from running for nearly a week now. When I don’t run I forget that I want to be healthy so that I can be an awesome runner. I always have to have a goal and if it’s not a deliberately healthy goal, then losing weight becomes my priority. I think I need to run tomorrow regardless of the weather or else my head is likely to continue its downward spiral.

Today is what I ate Wednesday in blogland. I have no photos to show. Boo hoo. I ‘ll tell you what I had to eat already today…

Breakfast= Apple

Lunch= Bag of iceberg salad and carrot sticks

Dinner= Two Quesadillas made with Smart and Delicious Tortillas spread with weight watchers swiss cheese and salsa. and…

Bean burger patty that I made yesterday (white beans, s&p, 2 tbsp salsa, and cumin), pan-fried and topped with BBQ sauce and…

broccoli and cauliflower stir fried with pretty much every spice in my pantry (mostly cinnamon and onion powder), soy sauce, and grape jelly (the jelly ends up like a sweet glaze).

That’s it so far. Wait!!! I actually bought coffee creamer today. Big deal, trust me. It’s a special holiday flavor, Brown Sugar and Maple. Just right, It sweetened my coffee without overpowering it. I love maple so much. It makes me happy.

I still have to eat a lot more tonight if I’m going to prevent myself from losing weight. All of my food only totals 520 calories. That’s terrible. I had to work from 9-5 today, reorganizing stock rooms and I don’t know how I had the energy to do it having eaten only that measly breakfast and lunch. I’ll probably have 2 skinny cow ice cream cups and two chocolate vitamuffin tops spread with lots of pb, that will add an extra 800 calories to my day bringing my grand total up to…… 1220 for the day! That’s really pathetic for me. See, this is what happens if I don’t run.

I promise not to talk about calories and all of this mess very often. I am just having a particularly weird day. I always know if I’m having an off day because I smoke like a chimney and if I’m happy then I forget all about cigarettes and won’t have one.

Crappy post, I just needed to talk about my day. Now, I am just rambling.

Tell me something nice about your day, or a joke, or something light-hearted.

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