Today, I was a fiscally responsible adult…

Oh yes, I completed my tax returns from 2009/10. I did not file for the past two years. Why, you might ask? Because, finances make me throw up. I hate dealing with money. I decided that I will change all of that in 2012. I am not an irresponsible spender, I am just a financial avoider. I have insurance, credit cards, students loans, and other miscellanea that I choose to avoid paying because, like I said, I hate dealing with my money. I found out today that my student loans went back into deferment because I am back in school. So, huge weight off my shoulders. My previous tax returns will pay off a credit card that I used three years ago to pay for my rent/food/books when I lived on campus. Another huge relief for me. And, when I get this year’s tax returns, it will pay off the remainder of my credit card debt. Freedom!! This is what my blog is all about, becoming what I could have been, and this time I am becoming responsible for my financial state.

I am also becoming Ripped in 30, Jillian Michaels style. I did part 4 of the program for the first time today, I enjoyed that workout fo’ sho’. I am already sore and I love it. I wanted to go for a 6 mile run this morning but, Michigan finally realized it’s winter and dropped to 10 degrees. So, yeah, running was a no-go. I do need to decide which two half marathons I want to run and register so that I am committed. I think that one in June and September will be good. The marathon I want to run is the end of October so those two halfs should be timed pretty well. Does anybody have a good marathon training program? I want it. Now.

I am also starting to miss doing makeup. I am so sad that there isn’t a market for freelance makeup artistry around my area. Here is a photo of me at work, sigh…

Oh well, once I graduate I will once again have a job that I am passionate about. Just so you know (cuz I know you wanna know), my DREAM job is to teach middle school science in a low-income school in PORTLAND. Portland is my favorite city of all time. It’s so low-key, yet, there is always something to do. Saturday market, coffee shops open mics, museums, shopping, good food, art shows, festivals, and so much more. It’s only an hour to the mountains, two hours to the ocean. The weather is mild, the people are amazing. AHH!!! I want to go right now!!!!



What is your dream job?

What is a good marathon training program?

p.s. every single time I type “marathon” I end up typing “marathong”. I can not figure out how I manage to do that, one of these days it’s going to make it past my edits and into a blog post.

I can’t wait.

2 thoughts on “Today, I was a fiscally responsible adult…

  1. I find that sometimes I avoid my finances too.. If I dont think about them, then they don’t actually exist!

    Good Luck on the marathon training! I will keep reading to see how it goes 🙂

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