New Year’s Eve, yeah, it happened…

and I participated in it. Went to my fave bar, a jazzy type club, I went alone. I am strange like that. The bartender is amazing, she treats me well. She gives me the leftovers from the drinks she makes in the shaker thinger bobber. So, lots of free booze. Also, a couple bought me a glass of wine. Then, my friend Dr. Jameson showed up and bought me a glass of wine, as well. I left at 11:40 to go to the party my college church group was having. I wanted to ring in the new year with those who love me the most. My family through God. (and bless them, no one even mentioned that I had noticeably been drinking)

Last year, I dropped the ball at a dive bar and kissed a total doucher. Who, since that night, has dropped out of my life completely. My relationship with him drove me deeper in E.D. territory. I’m a much better person now than a year ago. I won’t lay out the details of it, too much to say. My e.d. is better in some ways and worse in others and that part sucks hard. But, overall, I’m happier and healthier and my life is completely changing. I’m moving back in with my mom (love her so much), quit my job (hate it so much), my sister and I will graduate this year, my brother will get married in February. So. Much.Change. All of it good for once.

I don’t make resolutions but, I do set goals. The only goal I had last year was to lose enough weight to scare people, mission accomplished but, a success it was not.

This year I have a few goals.

Run two half marathons. Run one marathon.


Make my baby sister (13 isn’t really a baby) my friend.

Create more normal eating habits (I’m not striving for perfection here but, I want all purging behavior gone, to eat the majority of my calories during the day instead of starving until 10 pm)

Maintain my weight and quit trying to get down to 100 pounds

There you have it. That’s all I have to say on the subject of New Year’s what-nots and what-have-you’s. I will leave you with a photo of me in my party dress. It’s a crappy photo as usual but, hey the bathroom is the only place I can get even mediocre lighting and have access to a mirror for posing.

Congratulations to all on making it to this New Year!! God Bless your lives. Love each other and your selves.

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