Today, I was revisiting my past…

with my mumma. She and I sat and talked while waiting for my stepdad to come home. The topic of discussion= moving back in with her. I am 25 years old and I moved out the day I turned 18 and into my dad’s house full-time. My dad recently re-married and re-located to the Florida Keys. So, our house is now going up for sale and I need a new place to live until I graduate college and can afford a place of my own.

In the past, living with my stepdad caused lots of issues. I was immature, and he was even more immature than I. But, we’ve both grown up alot in these past 7 years. I want to live with my family so, we’re going to make this work. Also, my “half by blood” sister is 13 and she doesn’t really know me anymore and I want to create an adult relationship with her. I don’t want her to know me as her babysitter. Anyways, lots of reminiscing and old times discussions. I want to leave the past in the past and start fresh with happy times.

Now, fun conversation. 4 Mile run today. The soreness from my Christmas Day 10 miler was less so I braved the cold and snow. Dudes, I was soaked when I got home and I loved it. I feel like a badass when running in terrible weather, and it makes me run so quickly. The thought of a warm bath and hot oatmeal lights a fire under my ass for sure. Here are my run stats:

Mile                                     Min:Sec                      Lap Distance     Pace

Summary 31:33.2 4.00 7:53
1 7:59.4 1.00 8:00
2 7:54.6 1.00 7:55
3 7:54.3 1.00 7:54
4 7:42.9 1.00 7:43
5 :02.0 0.00 11:51

That was a bom-diggity run fo sho.

Now, I am going to clean the bathroom. It’s not fun, it’s  not glamorous. It just has to be done. I did take time to take a pic of myself in the bathroom, actually, I am just straight up procrastinating. Oh yeah, I had my hair cut and colored. Too bad it looks like crap in this photo, I didn’t style it today, just blow dried upside down. So damn lazy.

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