Today, I was happy the holidays are coming to a close…

they are exhausting in the retail world. I think the general population finally understands that if they spread out their post-christmas returns then it’s more pleasant for them and us, the workers. Very few returns today, considering past years. I enjoyed work today. Oh, yeah. I didn’t mention it yet but, I quit my full-time Lancome position and moved into the stupid accessories department. I am a full-time commuting student (4 hours roundtrip, twice a week). I almost lost my mind doing both. Don’t get me wrong, I survived it but, I have no intention of doing that again next semester. So, part-time job it is.

My Christmas was very chill. Just me, mumma, step-dad, and two sisters. We ate decent food, played games, exchanged a few presents. It was perfect. All I wanted was to relax and love up on my family. Goal accomplished. Well, I didn’t really relax too much. I got a Garmin Forerunner as a gift, so I took it out on a 10 mile run before lunch. It was fantastic. I’m in love with my little Garmin, my new bff for sure. Well, that took up 1 hour and 22 minutes of my day.

All of that time running allowed me to create my New Year’s Goals. I will share those in a later post. I guess you’re simply going to have to come back later if you’re curious (tricksy, I am).

Ahh, Monday, I decided was going to be the day I discuss makeup. But, since I had to be in to work at 5:30am, my face was on the more boring side. Rose blush, pearly grey shadow on the lid, pearly white shadow on the brow bone and inner corner, deep maroon lipstick blotted to a stain. Liquid eyeliner as usual except, I didn’t wing it out cat-eye style. I kept it thin on the outside of my eye and thicker over my iris, this create the illusion of very round eyes. Then I lined my lower lashes in black but, only on the outer third, this too enhances the round shape, I finished with curled lashes and tons o’ mascara and white eyeliner on my waterline. Pheww, that’s a light day for me.

Now, i’m off to bed. 4 mile run in the morn and then a meeting with my parents about possibly moving back in with them until I finish college. Good night little dollbabies, tell me about yo Christmas too!!


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