today I was damn near normal…

in respect to general standards of normalcy. Was that vague enough for you?  I went to work at 6am and the store was dead until 9 am. I saw 2, count em’, 2 customers until that time. Then, when it 11am we were swamped and understaffed and everyone wanted all their perfumes wrapped. But, one of my favorite customers came in and she lets me pick out all of her makeup for her. That’s totally the best part of my job. Playing with makeup and making clients feel amazing about themselves.

I was dying of starvation by the time I got home at 3pm. I had only had about 200 calories. So, I grabbed my sister (who just returned from visiting my father and stepmother in the Florida Keys) and went across the street to Bob Evans. I ate 100 more calories than I planned (400 instead of 300). So, I got anxious and felt like bingeing and I bought a 7 layer bar from the bakery on my way out. On the 1 minute drive home I had decided to all out binge, then decided to starve, then I compromised on eating the bar instead of having dinner. So, in one hours time from now I get to have my nightly pre-planned mini binge that will include the stupid bar.

Alright, I’m back. You didn’t know I was gone but, I was. I needed a cigarette break, which made me feel gross. So, I had to wash my face. This is reading a bit like the book If You Give A Mouse A Cookie.

annnndddd……. I got a Garmin 110 from my daddy for Christmas!!! I took it out on a 3.61 mile test walk today. This thing is the bom diggity. I can’t wait to take it out on a run. I feel like it’s a grown up version of a Nanopet. Remember those things?

Additional items:

I didn’t binge last night. Score! and things are looking good for tonight as well.

I think I’m going to have a specific type of post for each day of the week. This should keep my posts more focused. Makeup Monday. WIAW Wednesday. Survey Saturday. Scripture Sunday. Weekly re-cap Friday. Random thoughts Thursday. Reader requests/responses Tuesday. We’ll see.

Peace to my peoples,


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