Hmm, today I was

at work. This week I moved from fulltime beauty advisor for Lancome to a part time beauty advisor with no brand affiliation. Next week I move to the accessories department. I am a full time student as well. This past semester I’m pretty sure I tested the limits of time between commuting to school twice weekly (2 hour drive) working 35+ hours and running 18 miles a week. I have made the decision to drop down to part time and then I am going to babysit for a co-workers daughter in my spare time. I can’t describe the amount of relief I feel at being freed from my Lancome job.

I don’t think that I will be eating a whole ton today.It is 8pm, i’ve been up since 8am, went to work for 6 hours and I’m only up to maybeee 480 cals max. I’ll prob eat a freakin huge dessert of 900 cals. Yeah, that’s how I roll. Starve all day and have a planned mini-binge at night. It’s stupid but, It’s what I do. I had a fer real binge last night. I was up to my 1800 calorie planned amount ( I did a 6 mile run so, that probably wasn’t actually enough) and then midnight hit and…BOOM! Binge time baby. 5 ice cream sandwiches, a few handfuls of raisins, a piece of cake, a cheese sandwich, and a third of a jar of peanut butter. Oh, and a few melba toasts. It was hard to stop at that amount. I still wanted more.

I did go to bible study last night. Good message, not the best. I finally got a good explanation of the Holy Trinity. It’s a concept that I am able to understand but, was never able to apply clear verbage to. So very glad that I went.

I had a conversation with a girl who attends our studies and I had a difficult time not treating her like a child. She has attached herself to me in a way that I find irritating. I’m not sure if other people would be annoyed by her but, I definitely am. She wants to tell me all her little stories and mini dramas and I just don’t care about most of it. I find most of her problems to be self-induced and trivial. Expecially, when it comes to boy problems. I don’t care about anybody’s boy problems. When she tells me that she likes this one boy and I try to help her work it out then, a different boy walks in the room and she tells me she likes him too, I completely lose patience. I had to straight out tell her that I need a moment to calm down because she’s pressing on a pet peeve of mine.

I explained to her why I was irritated and that it wasn’t her fault. I realize that it’s my problem and not hers. I just told her that maybe, in the future, she shouldn’t come to me with boy troubles because my advice is to exercise some self-control and quit crushing on losers who don’t give a crap about her. Poor girl, she just wanted to talk and she got, well, me.

Questions for you:

Are you boy crazy? Why or why not? I’m fascinated by women’s need for male attention.

Do you ever binge? What triggers your binges?

Bye for now,


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