What I was on day one

Today I was a runner and a lazy bum.

I ran a 6 miler in the 30 degree weather. The sun was shining and the wind was low which made for great running weather at this temperature. I finished in 50:38. A touch on the slow side for me. I had a stitch in my chest for nearly the entire run, I think the cold air did it to me, I usually never have cramps or stitches. I call it a successful run.

When I got home, I made a fresh pot of my favorite coffee. It’s called “She’s Nuts” from the brand Joy. It’s toasted coconut. MMM. A packet of stevia and a splash of vanilla extract make this my favorite homemade cup o’ joe. With caffeine coursing through my veins I proceeded with my morning shower and then made breakfast. I pan seared a pear with cinnamon. This topped my bowl of puffed rice, puffed millet, almond milk and tons of cinnamon. I also cooked up stove top multigrain cereal with stevia, vanilla and butter extracts, and tons of cinnamon again. I think I have a cinnamon addiction. All eaten while watching The West Wing.

I have to include my makeup of the day, I nearly always have a specific inspiration, theme, or person i’m copycatting. Today, I copy catted Babydoll from the movie Suckerpunch. I love it.

Time to make dinner, run to the mart of wals, and chill out at bible study for the rest of the evening. Details later, maybe perhaps.

I’ll start posting photos once I figure out this piece of crap camera I have.

Ask me questions, lots of them.

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